Smart Plastic will once again exhibit their technologies at Pack Expo 2018 in Chicago’s McCormick Place on October 14-17, 2018. In addition to information about their full portfolio of sophisticated technologies, Smart Plastic will introduce the fully biodegradable plastic straw developed in partnership with Best Diamond Straws. The company will also announce a breakthrough oxygen scavenger technology. Designed to provide the benefits of a scavenger directly into plastic film, this technology is FDA approved for food packaging.

“Smart Plastic Technologies is proud of its position as one of the nation’s leading innovators of sophisticated technologies which improve the usefulness of plastics. Our new oxygen scavenger is designed to allow the removal of traditional devices and preservatives while extending the shelf life of food.” said Tim Murtaugh, CEO of Smart Plastic.

Smart Plastic Technologies, LLC, is a specialist in the development, production and marketing of unique additives for use in polymers which provide biodegradation, antimicrobial, antifungal, production tracing, film thickness reduction and an oxygen scavenger designed to extend the shelf life of food products.