Plastic is everywhere, and we all know the consequences of plastic waste flooding our landfills and oceans. Unfortunately, reducing our dependence on plastic is challenging due its highly functional nature. Whether we like it or not, plastic is an integral part of our global economy, from food systems to ecommerce to healthcare.

With only 9% of plastic being recycled in the US, we need to change the plastic and reduce its environmental impact so that it serves both people and planet. This is why we have invested considerable time and resources to develop our game-changing bio-assimilation additive, SPTek ECLIPSE™.

Definitively, "bio-assimilation" means that the plastic has degraded to a molecular weight that can be consumed by microorganisms. This represents the final stage of plastic biodegradation, leaving behind no microplastics, in both marine and terrestrial environments.

Our SPTek ECLIPSE™ bio-assimilation additive transforms polyolefins like PE and PP into material that is truly biodegradable.

The key variables that affect bio-assimilation are:

  1. UV radiation exposure
  2. Temperature
  3. The availability of microorganisms

The environment where ECLIPSE™ enabled material ends up will determine the rate at which bio-assimilation occurs.

Under optimal conditions (in a warm environment, with high UV exposure and an abundance of microorganisms), ECLIPSE™ enabled material will bio-assimilate in as little as 180 days.

Under the least optimal conditions (in an anaerobic environment with cool temperatures, low UV exposure and a limited availability of microorganisms), the material will bio-assimilate in 24 months or less.

Conclusive tests show that after 6 months in an anaerobic environment, ECLIPSE™ enabled material was 99% biodegraded. Once bio-assimilation is complete, what's left is nothing but carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

Additionally, ECLIPSE™ enabled material can be programmed for a useful-life performance of between 18 months and 8 years. This means that the plastic can be programmed for the specific length of time that it needs to be functional, before the onset of rapid and complete bio-assimilation.

And finally, all ECLIPSE™ enabled material is 100% recyclable, FDA approved and purposefully designed for the circular economy.

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