Our mission is so much larger than the products we design. We see the reality of plastic waste and its impact on our planet, and truly believe every living being deserves a healthy and abundant future.

At Smart Plastic Technologies, we are changing plastic to better our planet and the future of all its inhabitants.

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Our foundational ECLIPSE™ solutions directly support our mission to reduce the environmental impact of plastic by intentionally designing products with end-of-life mitigation in mind. Our sustainability solutions are market ready and drastically mitigate plastic waste without creating microplastics.

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Our performance additives serve to reduce environmental impact while profoundly enhancing the behavior and beneficial properties of plastic.

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The Science Center serves as a digital space where we present credible research, compliance documents, and ongoing product research and development, to prove our technology and why it is an essential solution to the current plastic waste crisis.

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Established in 2016, Smart Plastic is a disruptor in the sustainability, waste management, environmental, and human wellness spaces. Learn more about us, our story, our timeline, and our cornerstones.

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Smart Plastic at the National Restaurant Association Show

Smart Plastic Technologies Showcases Breakthrough SPTek ECLIPSE Bioassimilation Solutions at the National Restaurant Association Show 2023  (North Building Booth #5628)

Smart Plastic Technologies continues to make a significant impact on the global plastic waste crisis with its revolutionary, patent-pending, SPTek ECLIPSE Bioassimilation technology. This weekend, the company's vice president, Robin Misir, and his team will be attending the highly anticipated National Restaurant Association Show 2023 in Chicago to showcase these groundbreaking solutions.

With the ECLIPSEBioassimilation technology, Smart Plastic is providing immediate and scalable answers to the environmental challenges posed by plastic waste. Introduced to the market approximately two years ago, SPTek ECLIPSE Bioassimilation technology has received acceptance in a wide range of product applications. Smart Plastic is excited to exhibit at the National Restaurant Association Show 2023 and introduce this innovative technology to the restaurant and QSR industries.


Addressing the Problem

The world is drowning in plastic waste. Of the 407 million tons of plastic produced annually, a mere 6% is properly recycled. This alarming statistic underscores the urgent need for innovative solutions.

SPTek ECLIPSEBioassimilation technology provides a sustainable solution to eliminate plastic waste by completely breaking down polyolefins, which are the most widely used types of plastic. This means that instead of plastics ending up as long-lasting waste in landfills or polluting the environment as microplastics, the technology ensures full bioassimilation—their complete breakdown after a programmed useful life period as required by the brand owner. This breakthrough allows for proper end-of-life disposal and offers a safety net in case of mismanaged disposal. By targeting the most prevalent plastics and providing a sustainable way to deal with them, Smart Plastic Technologies has reached a significant milestone in the fight against the global plastic waste crisis.

Read on to learn more about the specific use cases of SPTek ECLIPSE Bioassimilation technology.


Plastic straws contribute significantly to the global plastic waste crisis, with 500 million single-use straws discarded daily in the United States alone. Smart Plastic tackles this problem head-on with the SPTek ECLIPSE™ Bioassimilation Straw, which offers a scalable and environmentally friendly alternative. These straws are designed to be 100% recyclable and bioassimilate within approximately 42 months, eliminating legacy plastic’s long-lasting harm to the environment.



Traditional multi-layer pouches pose a significant challenge to recycling efforts, with the majority ending up in landfills. The SPTek ECLIPSE™ Pouch provides a game-changing solution: a recyclable alternative that maintains the beneficial properties of stand-up pouches. These pouches are entirely made of a homogenous material, including the zipper, ensuring hassle-free recycling and eliminating the accumulation of plastic waste in landfills. As with all SPTek-infused products, in the event of inappropriate disposal, the pouch will fully bioassimilate.



Stretch film is a ubiquitous plastic shipping material used extensively in the global economy. It is the number-one use of polyolefin film in the world. SPTek VANISH Stretch Film, powered by SPTek ECLIPSE Bioassimilation technology, provides a recyclable and environmentally conscious solution that bioassimilates within approximately 6-24 months, leaving zero microplastics behind. By using this stretch film, businesses can protect their cargo without compromising the environment, preventing billions of pounds of plastic waste from entering ecosystems and landfills annually.


The Results

By incorporating SPTek ECLIPSEBioassimilation technology into foodservice products, Smart Plastic Technologies is spearheading a positive change in the industry. Our commitment to reducing plastic waste ensures these innovative solutions have a lasting positive impact on the environment. With the adoption of SPTek ECLIPSE Bioassimilation products,foodservice companies are joining the global effort to reduce the volume of plastic in landfills and eliminate the plastic waste crisis that damages ecosystems around the world.


Come Say Hi!

The presence of Smart Plastic Technologies at the National Restaurant Association Show 2023 in Chicago, with Vice President Robin Misir leading the way, represents a significant milestone in the fight against plastic waste. SPTek ECLIPSE Bioassimilation technology has proven to be the most effective solution to the plastic waste crisis, ensuring that plastic products can be disposed of responsibly and without harm to the environment. By developing these innovative solutions, Smart Plastic Technologies continues to lead the charge toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Take a few minutes to visit Robin and the team in NorthBuilding Booth #5628 at the show this weekend and learn how Smart Plastic can help your business conquer the plastic waste crisis.

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