Rethinking the potential of plastic

Our advanced technologies are designed to enhance the beneficial properties of plastic while dramatically and conclusively reducing its environmental impact. All of our products are 100% recyclable, FDA approved and purposely designed for the circular economy.

Photo of 3 rolls of ECLIPSE™ Stretch Film.

The most sustainable stretch film in the world

SPTek ECLIPSE Stretch Film is 100% recyclable and will completely bio-assimilate within 12–42 months.

Photo of 3 rolls of ECLIPSE™ Stretch Film.

We are steadfastly committed to improving the environment for future generations

At Smart Plastic, we are keenly focused on improving the way in which we care for and preserve our planet. As we continue to develop and operate a profitable company, we believe in being accountable to future generations. Healing our planet is not just a good idea, it is an absolute necessity. It is our purpose. Our children are depending on us to repair and preserve this planet which has suffered from decades of abuse and neglect.

We understand that plastic is deeply integrated into our global economy, touching virtually every aspect of our lives. We must purposefully solve the problem of plastic waste. With it playing such a critical and necessary role in the world today, we must focus our attention on changing the plastic in order to better our planet.

It is our belief that the only footprint we should leave behind is our own. This is why we are relentless in our pursuit of plastics that retain all the positive benefits while bringing an end to global plastic waste.

Smart Plastic's SPTek ECLIPSE™ bio-assimilation process results in nothing more than water, CO₂ and biomass, resulting in zero microplastics. The science behind ECLIPSE™ is conclusive and irrefutable.

Change the plastic.
Better the planet.
Protect future generations.

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