Our mission is so much larger than the products we design. We see the reality of plastic waste and its impact on our planet, and truly believe every living being deserves a healthy and abundant future.

At Smart Plastic Technologies, we are changing plastic to better our planet and the future of all its inhabitants.

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ECLIPSE™ Products

Products designed for thoughtful disposal

Our foundational ECLIPSE™ solutions directly support our mission to reduce the environmental impact of plastic by intentionally designing products with end-of-life mitigation in mind. Our sustainability solutions are market ready and drastically mitigate plastic waste without creating microplastics.

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SPTek Technology

Protecting the
well-being of people and planet

Our performance additives serve to reduce environmental impact while profoundly enhancing the behavior and beneficial properties of plastic.

Prove It Center

Let us prove it to you

The Prove It Center serves as a digital space where we present credible research, compliance documents, and ongoing product research and development, to prove our technology and why it is an essential solution to the current plastic waste crisis.

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Redefining plastic for the circular economy

Established in 2016, Smart Plastic is a disruptor in the sustainability, waste management, environmental, and human wellness spaces. Learn more about us, our story, our timeline, and our cornerstones.

News from Smart Plastic

With new technology and developments around every corner, things move fast at Smart Plastic HQ. Keep up with everything right here.

Robin Misir promoted to Senior Vice President

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Robin Misir to Senior Vice President!

As our new Senior Vice President, Robin will be working closely with our CEO Tim to oversee company operations and promote company growth through 2023 and beyond.

Robin has a successful history of leading initiatives for sales, marketing, and business development for underperforming mid-size companies. His expertise lies in managing the development of custom equipment, products, and process designs that positively impact both the environment and the bottom line.

Throughout his career, Robin has used his forward-thinking skills as an executive to deliver superior operations and product development results. Robin has a track record of finding innovative ways of using revolutionary technology to grow revenue and increase margins.

With Robin as our new Senior Vice President, we will thrive in our mission of transforming plastic into a material that supports circular and regeneration economic models for the future of our planet and its inhabitants.

We’re going back to PACK EXPO 2022!

Visit us at PACK EXPO 2022 in Chicago, IL, October 23-26, 2022.

Time to meet our Product Sales Specialist, Jim Pluskota

We are thrilled to introduce another member of our Smart Plastic team! Read all about Jim, his work, and his experience below.

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