We’re reinventing the original recipes

Powered by our patent-pending ECLIPSE™ bio-assimilation technology, every one of our ECLIPSE-infused products progresses through the required nanoplastics evolution phase and ultimately, completely biodegrades into nothing more than CO2, water, and biomass.

Person wrapping a palette with a roll of plastic stretch film.

Developing for the greatest positive impact

In concert with our ongoing research and development, we are continuously evolving our products in response to demand.

Begin with the end in mind

By replacing harmful high volume plastic items with ECLIPSE™-enabled products, brands can ensure they are creating products that have been designed with end-of-life mitigation in mind.

Market ready for large-scale adoption

Each SPTek ECLIPSE™ product is market-ready designed and can be adopted by smaller, large-scale or global organizations where the potential to create a positive impact on the plastic waste crisis is enormous

Make your plastic better today

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