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Driving forward with game changing innovations

Established in 2016, Smart Plastic is a sustainability disruptor in the waste management, environmental and human wellness space. We are redefining the potential of plastic to support a circular economy and regeneration model for the future of the planet and its inhabitants.

Core values

Our mission is to improve plastics by:



Providing leading edge science that improves the functionality, usefulness, and environmental impact of plastics.


Creating sustainable polymer products that improve the health and well being of both people and planet.


Delighting our customers with service and  consulting support as to how they can improve the plastics they use.


Creating value for our investors, preferred partners, and all of those that are invested in improving the technology of plastics.


Our leading performance additives deliver solutions to an industry that is essential to our economy.


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Our business model is designed to make resolving the challenge of improving the quality, efficacy, sophistication and specific needs of plastic products easy for our customers. From resin to film to finished products, we can provide the technologies that help you to design it, make it and more. We offer a range of proprietary additives which provide elegant, sophisticated and affordable answers allowing our customers to create leading-edge products. This affords not only the opportunity to respond to market demand, but to create it. For any market or industry, our technologies provide a one-stop resource from simple to complex custom additive design.


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Smart is not only our name, it’s the way we do business. We are a team comprised of members with extensive business experience. We know the cost of product is a critical element to our customers’ success. Our approach uses sustainable polymer additives designed for the lowest possible inclusion rate versus costly resin replacement methods, resulting in an economical solution for our customers.

Leading Technology

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Our technology development team is globally recognized for its decades of proven leadership. We do not sell “off the shelf” additives. While we do have a suite of proprietary products designed to address a range of applications, our typical response is “what do you need” rather than “here is what we have”. Smart Plastic offers a unique suite of solutions to address our customer’s needs and help support their growth and profitability. We offer these services to increase your sales and reduce costs while maximizing productivity. “One size fits all” is never spoken here.

Thought Leadership

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Always striving to improve requires planning, unrelenting effort and measuring our progress by the highest standards. From creating brilliant technology and efficient production processes to passing cost savings on to our customers, Smart Plastic is fully dedicated to being an industry leading company. While oversight comes from our highly experienced leaders in each division, Smart Plastic also benefits from the knowledge provided by local management in each location in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Europe.


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Planning and building carefully today in preparation for the future allows us to build a company which will benefit our customers, partners, stakeholders and employees. Demonstrating a firm commitment to preserving natural resources, a sensitivity and respect for our growing global team, and a belief in the value of our mission will provide the foundation for a successful and impactful company.

Certifications & Leadership

Our certifications and experience ensure that we deliver the quality additives our customers expect.

American Society for Testing and Materials
Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association
The British Standards Institution
Flexible Packaging Association
The Society of Plastics Engineers
International Organization for Standardization
Sustainable Packaging Coalition
Plastics Industry Association
Tim Murtaugh headshot.

Tim Murtaugh


Tim's entrepreneurial experience spans more than 50 years, ranging from decades in real estate development, launching the first consumer VOIP network prepaid calling card company in the US, to founding Smart Plastic Technologies. A true visionary, analytical thinker and problem solver who enjoys an international reputation as an ethical and reliable businessman, Tim leads the Smart Plastic management team in developing a global market presence.

Unlike management, leadership cannot be taught, although it may be learned and enhanced through experience. Honed through the challenges of business, Tim has developed and demonstrated strong leadership skills. He manages under the belief of leading by example, rolling up his sleeves, and inspiring others to engage in achieving a goal.

Jay Tapp

President & COO

Jay’s experience in the commercialization of disruptive technologies spans more than 30 years, with an emphasis on flexible packaging, plastics, labels and rigid containers. Jay is a successful entrepreneur that has extensive relationships with the world’s leading packaging and sourcing communities.

Active in printing and packaging associations as a subject matter expert and an advocate for environmentally sustainability initiatives, Jay is creative and passionate about improving the plastic packaging industry.

As a strategic thinking and results-oriented leader, Jay practices a team-building approach to win business for profitable and sustainable growth. He is skilled in strategic assessment, coordinated sales and operations, with an unwavering dedication to sustained value creation.

Portrait of Jay Tapp, President & COO of Smart Plastic.
Portrait of Michael Stephens, Director of Technology at Smart Plastic.

Michael Stephens

Director of technology

As a co-founder of Smart Plastic, Michael Stephens is the guiding force behind the brilliant technological developments making Smart Plastic a globally recognized pacesetter of sustainability. His peer esteem is without equal, and he is considered by many in industry related leadership positions to be amongst the world’s leading experts in polymer technology.

Throughout the past forty-nine years, Michael has been involved in virtually every aspect of the plastics industry. As an entrepreneur, his intimate understanding of production, machinery, polymers, extrusion technology and the formulation of additives is the basis from which Smart Plastic brings to market unparalleled technologies. Michael is committed to dedicating his knowledge and talents to preserving the environment for future generations, holding the belief that challenges are to be seen as opportunities.

Michael Scanlan

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Michael has enjoyed a fast-paced career partnering with various consumer products companies to build brands, transform relationships and delight consumers. With leadership experiences ranging from ground floor start-ups to global multi-nationals, Michael’s executive experience includes SVP of Sales at Diamond Wipes Intl. Inc., VP of Sales for Advanced Bio Development Inc., Global Team Lead at Nestle Waters, and Director of Sales for the Sweet Leaf Tea Company.

Over his 20+ year career in Consumer Products, Michael has developed a comprehensive set of experiences in Traditional Supermarket, Natural Foods, Club, Convenience, Pharmacy and Foodservice. In addition to traditional channels, he has led pioneering efforts in eCom with Amazon and direct B2B and B2C commercialization.

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