Our planet deserves a
truly sustainable straw

The SPTek ECLIPSE™ Straw is up to the challenge. Satisfying all of the quality requirements for hot, cold, foamy and frozen beverages while remaining environmentally sensitive, our straw is ready to take on the plastic waste crisis.

Made with our patent pending SPTek ECLIPSE™ technology, the straw will completely bio-assimilate into nothing more than CO2, water, and biomass, resulting in zero microplastics.

The problem with the single-use plastic straw

Our society uses a lot of conventional plastic straws, and once discarded, they take a long time to break down...

How many straws do we use?

straws are used daily in the US

How much waste is that?

tons discarded in one year

How long does it last?

to break down in a landfill

But what about some of the mainstream alternatives?

Being an alternative to the single-use plastic straw doesn't mean it has less of an environmental impact. There's always more to the story, so we've gathered some important statistics below on the true impact of popular alternatives.


Nearly 35% of paper straws' global warming potential comes from its disposal to landfill after use, as paper straws are not recyclable due to chemical treatment.

Bio-based PLA

PLA/compostable straws only biodegrade in industrial composting facilities; however, there are only approximately 100 qualified facilities across the US... and because this number is so low, the majority of PLA straws end up in landfills where they do not decompose.


To breakeven with the emissions associated with production and transportation, metal straws need to be reused between 37-63 times.

It's time to reinvent the original recipe

We're revolutionizing single-use plastic and the straw is a perfect place to start.

The SPTek ECLIPSE™ Straw represents a real-world, scalable solution that can be adopted immediately to mitigate the impact of single-use plastics. We are able to work with the world's biggest companies to implement a realistic solution to the plastic waste crisis. By creating a straw that can be adopted by global organizations, we're reducing the burden on consumers regarding the future of our planet. We're changing the plastic together, one straw at a time.

Absolutely zero microplastics

Our straw works like magic (that's backed by science) to ensure plastic lasts months, not centuries.

Made with our patent pending SPTek ECLIPSE™ bio-assimilation technology, the straw will turn into nothing more than CO2, water and biomass in 12-42 months. That's right, no microplastics.

*Mass production of plastic (including single-use straws) didn't start until the mid-20th century! Since the material has only been around for a little over a century, it's impossible to know exactly how long it will take to decompose. Recent estimates say it could take over 450 years, but we can't know for sure. In fact, these fragments of plastic or microplastics may never truly decompose...

Works for any type of beverage
Works for any type of beverage
Applicable for hot, cold, foamy or frozen beverages
Does not disintegrate during use
Retains structural integrity during use in all beverages
Single-use straw with the lowest impact
Lower greenhouse emissions and energy consumption than alternatives
100% recyclable material
SPTek ECLIPSE™ has no impact on the recyclability of polypropylene
No trace left behind
If littered, the straw will completely bio-assimilate within 12-42 months
Results in zero microplastics
Following bio-assimilation, there is nothing left but CO2, water and biomass


Plastic is one of the most ubiquitous materials on the planet, and the proliferation of microplastics is one of our greatest challenges. By providing a scalable solution that can be implemented immediately, we can truly make a difference.


Michael Stephens
Director of Technology, Smart Plastic

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The SPTek ECLIPSE™ Straw represents a game-changing solution to the plastic waste crisis that can be implemented at scale. Contact our team now and make a measurable difference today.

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