As the world economy grapples with the challenge of reopening, the global need for PPE has exploded. Companies big and small need to implement enhanced health and safety protocols in an effort to keep employees and customers safe. Many businesses are finding it difficult to implement effective physical distancing at all times, making PPE like masks, gloves and gowns even more critical. An unfortunate side effect of this need is a dramatic increase in plastic waste.

The ECLIPSE™ Gown tackles both problems.

Infused with our bio-assimilation additive, the ECLIPSE™ Gown will protect the wearer and bio-assimilate the same as paper, degrading to a molecular weight that can be consumed by living organisms.

These non-sterile gowns feature a fluid-repellent polyethylene film, combining effective fluid resistance and wearer comfort. Ideal for patient contact, fluid isolation, decontamination or general cleanup tasks, the Smart Plastic ECLIPSE™ Gown will protect against bodily fluids to support the health and confidence of both customers and employees.

A few key features of the Smart Plastic ECLIPSE™ Gown include:

  • Universal size, 40" x 60" (one size fits most)
  • 2.0 mil FDA approved polymer blend
  • Sky blue hospital tint
  • Non-surgical
  • Thumb loops with tear-away back opening
  • One piece (disposable / 100% recyclable)
  • ASTM F1670
  • AMMI Level 1 & 2 available
  • ECLIPSE™ enabled (bio-assimilation additive)

In the midst of this global COVID-19 pandemic, we need to protect the planet while we protect ourselves. The ECLIPSE™ Gown will completely bio-assimilate in both terrestrial and marine environments, resulting in no long-term environmental impact and leaving behind no microplastics.

To learn more about the ECLIPSE™ Gown and our entire catalog of sustainable polymer additives and products, contact us today.