Smart Plastic is a globally recognized leader in the development of sustainable polymer additives that profoundly affect the behavior of plastics. It has been our mission to exhaustively and irrefutably prove the efficacy of our bio-assimilation technology, one that facilitates the complete biodegradation of plastic.

The results are in, and ECLIPSE™ works.

Definitively, "bio-assimilation" means that the plastic has degraded to a molecular weight that can be consumed by living organisms. This represents the final and conclusive stage of plastic biodegradation, leaving behind no microplastics. The team at Smart Plastic has invested extensive time, expense and effort to test and verify that our SPTek ECLIPSE™ bio-assimilation technology causes plastic to biodegrade the same as paper, working in both marine and terrestrial environments.

This development will change the market forever.

Designed for use in polyolefins like PE and PP, ECLIPSE™ is uniquely formulated to provide programmable useful-life performance prior to 100% natural bio-assimilation. With a simple 1% inclusion rate in the finished film production process, ECLIPSE™ is ASTM 5526 and 6954 certified, FDA approved and 100% recyclable.

This sustainable polymer additive has a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Extruded printing/laminating films and sealant layers
  • Food service items (straws, stir sticks, cutlery, plates, cups, lids)
  • Fast food packaging
  • Grease and moisture proof barriers in single-use food packaging
  • Fresh fruit and vegetable packaging
  • Recyclable flexible packaging pouches
  • Zippers and closures
  • Trash and shopper bags
  • Mulch and crop protection materials
  • Protective packaging (stretch wrap, shrink films, bubble wrap)

To learn more about ECLIPSE™ and our entire catalog of sustainable polymer additives and products, contact us today.