Smart Plastic Technologies, LLC, is a specialist in the development, production and marketing of unique additives for use in polymers which provide biodegradation, antimicrobial, antifungal, production tracing and film thickness reduction properties in finished products. The Company is pleased to announce the completion of the development of an antimicrobial sports bottle designed in cooperation with Taico Design. The bottle will be among the first such product available to consumers.

Taico Design leading national design and manufacturing company that specializes in items such as bottles, dispensers and plastic components.

“We are pleased to announce the successful development of this product with our project partner, Taico Design and look forward to the development of additional exciting products with them. Discussions are underway with national marketing organizations and we expect to have the Sports Bottle available to consumers this summer. This will be the first plastic antimicrobial sports bottle available at a fraction of the cost of aluminium.” said Tim Murtaugh, CEO of Smart Plastic.