Smart Plastic Technologies, LLC, is a specialist in the development, production and marketing of unique additives for use in polymers which provide biodegradation, antimicrobial, antifungal, production tracing and film thickness reduction properties in finished products.

The Company is pleased to announce the release of an oxygen scavenger additive. Developed by Smart Plastic with extensive independent testing, this FDA approved technology has now been released to the market. It is an innovative fresh food oxygen scavenging prolonger that extends the shelf life of fruit, meats, dairy and bakery products. Introduced into packaging film at a 1-3% inclusion it is economical and efficient. Its presence in film now allows the removal of all typical oxygen scavenger devices in packaging.

“Smart Plastic Technologies is very pleased to provide this sophisticated technology to the food packaging industry. It represents another innovative Smart Plastic technology developed in response to market need. The industry has embraced it with great enthusiasm.” said Tim Murtaugh, CEO of Smart Plastic.