We all know the story. Plastic straws have emerged as a symbol for the global plastic crisis, being used for only minutes, but lasting in the environment for generations. Companies big and small are seeking eco-friendly alternatives to accommodate the strong societal attitudes toward plastic and the environment.

While the problem is real, many plastic substitutes come with their own set of health, performance and environmental impacts. Plant-based bioplastics are tricky because they require an unacceptable amount of natural resources and won't break down when composted incorrectly. Reusable straws are difficult to keep clean and are significantly more expensive. Paper straws have a greater carbon footprint throughout the manufacturing process (not to mention that delightful feeling of soggy cardboard in your mouth to accompany your favorite beverage).

Solution: the Smart Plastic ECLIPSE™ Straw.

Satisfying all of the quality requirements for hot, cold, foamy and frozen beverages while meeting eco-friendly expectations, the ECLIPSE™ Straw is up to the challenge. Made with our proven ECLIPSE™ bio-assimilation additive, the straw will biodegrade in both marine and terrestrial environments, resulting in nothing more than CO2, water and biomass. And like all plastics produced with ECLIPSE™, it is ASTM 5526 and 6954 certified, FDA approved and 100% recyclable.

We no longer need to compromise to accommodate health, performance and the environment. The ECLIPSE™ Straw delivers on all fronts.

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