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LIQUID GARD™ forms a durable and protective barrier on high-touch surfaces. This antimicrobial technology is highly effective against MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli, staphylococcus and dozens of dangerous organisms: including many gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

How it works

Understanding the power of our GARD™ technology, we knew we had to create a version that allows for it to be applied in alternative ways. So we designed LIQUID GARD™, a powerful additive with all the power of GARD™ but in a liquid format.

LIQUID GARD™ technology relies on the same tried and true silver ion technology as our GARD™ additive. The process is two-fold; when included into the packaging or plastic of a long-term product, the silver ions penetrate the cellular wall of the pathogen and destroy its DNA and reproductive abilities. This kills the pathogen and halts it from ever spreading. After the original microorganisms have been destroyed, they begin attacking and killing any remaining pathogen cells, creating a domino effect.

LIQUID GARD™ allows products to be coated in a protective barrier if they aren’t able to have the GARD™ technology added to their original product design.


How long does LIQUID GARD™ last?

Just like our GARD™ technology, LIQUID GARD™ is a long-lasting additive that provides protection up to decades.

What is silver ion technology?

Silver ion is an antimicrobial technology; it effectively disinfects and sterilizes. There are three ways silver can interact with microbe cells. For Smart Plastic’s technology, we are concerned with silver ions’ ability to neutralize harmful pathogens by disrupting the cells’ DNA and reproductive ability. Silver ions especially refer to silver atoms that exist in an ionic state.

Silver has been historically used to stop the spread of harmful diseases. Long ago, before the discovery of antibiotics, people learned that pathogens did not survive on silver and that using silver products kept water and food safe.

What makes it different

Our GARD™ technology is unique in its ability to be suspended in a solution. This allows us to formulate LIQUID GARD™ to achieve the same results as GARD™, killing dangerous pathogens on high-touch surfaces, but in a format that allows it to be used in a liquid application.


What is a solution?

A solution is usually a liquid, but not always. When referring to LIQUID GARD™, GARD™ is suspended in a liquid solution.

Will LIQUID GARD™ work on porous surfaces?

Yes, LIQUID GARD™ works on most porous and non-porous surfaces.

What are the application differences between LIQUID GARD™ and GARD™?

GARD™ is incorporated into the very makeup of products whereas LIQUID GARD™ is a protective coating that goes on top of products.

The specifics

Our LIQUID GARD™ technology dries immediately with an even distribution of less than 1mil. depth. LIQUIDGARD™ can be used for applications related to non-food contact, food contact, and drinking water applications, including countertops, drinking water filters, ice machine applications, etc.


What acts and standards is LIQUID GARD™ complaint with?

LIQUID GARD™ is FIFRA (The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act) approved and is listed under NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) approved substance under NSF Standard 51.

Where can LIQUID GARD™ be used?
  • High traffic public surfaces
  • Counters, walls, floors, switches
  • Restaurants, kitchens, offices, furnishings
  • Schools, nursing homes, hospitals, daycares
  • Fitness centers, changing rooms, restrooms
  • Public transportation, elevators, escalators, railings, stadium seating



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