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Combining the best of both worlds, SERVOGARD™ is a powerhouse additive packed with antimicrobial and antifungal technology. Each year one third of all food produced globally is wasted or lost; SERVOGARD™ is on a mission to reduce the food that is thrown out due to spoilage. This robust combination increases protection against dozens of dangerous organisms, effectively reducing food waste.

How it works

SERVOGARD™ is a powerful biocide that combines the fighting silver ions from GARD™ with the fungi-destroying technology from SERVO™ to generate a super-additive that destroys any harmful pathogens or fungi in its path.

Similar to both SERVO™ and GARD™, this additive attacks harmful cells head on, penetrating the cellular wall to neutralize it’s ability to reproduce. This process effectively kills pathogens and fungi and sends them to continue fighting the healthy pathogen and fungi that are left. This domino effect prevents dangerous microorganisms and mold from spreading.


What is a biocide?

A biocide is something that destroys a living organism. Because microbes (like fungi and mold) are living organisms, SERVOGARD™ is considered a biocide.

What is silver ion technology?

Silver ion is an antimicrobial technology; it effectively disinfects and sterilizes. There are three ways silver can interact with microbe cells. For Smart Plastic’s technology, we are concerned with silver ions’ ability to neutralize harmful pathogens by disrupting the cells’ DNA and reproductive ability. Silver ions especially refer to silver atoms that exist in an ionic state.

Silver has been historically used to stop the spread of harmful diseases. Long ago, before the discovery of antibiotics, people learned that pathogens did not survive on silver and that using silver products kept water and food safe.

What makes it different

We have perfected our formula to create a perfect balance between SERVO™ and GARD™. This combination gets the job done on both the antifungal and antimicrobial fronts and is safe for all food applications. Harnessing the power of both additives increases the last-mile shelf life by days or weeks.


What is the last mile?

In the context of a product, the last mile describes the last logistics that bring a product to its final destination. For example, for fresh produce this would be the transportation that takes it from the grocery store to the home or business of the purchaser.

What's the difference between GARD™ and SERVO™?

While both serve to help end the waste crisis, SERVO™ on its own is not suitable for food applications. Whereas GARD™'s main power is extending the shelf life of food products.

The specifics

SERVOGARD™ is effective against MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli, Staphylococcus, dozens of dangerous organisms and many gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. This technology can delay mold growth for up to 35 days, making it a powerful tool for all types of food packaging.


What are gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria?

Defining bacteria as gram-positive and gram-negative is based on the structure of bacterial cell walls. Gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria are bacteria that give a positive or negative result in a gram stain test. The staining result is determined in two ways, the thickness of the peptidoglycan layer and the presence or absence of the outer lipid membrane. A gram-positive bacteria are able to hold on to the color of the dye with its thick cell walls, whereas a gram-negative is not able to hold on to the color.

What types of products does SERVOGARD™ work in?

SERVOGARD can be added to the following products but is not limited to just this list.

  • Packaging for foods that are prone to surface mold growth
  • On-the-go snack packaging, cheese and dairy packaging, and bread and baked goods
  • Organic foods
  • Industrial products and hygienic applications
Is SERVOGARD™ JIS Z 2801 complaint too?




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