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TRACER™ embeds state of the art technology into polymers to ensure the correct materials and measurements are used in each batch. Verifying the correct dosage keeps products safe and effective, while ensuring products meet global standards.

How it works

TRACER™ is designed into products similar to our other additives but with a unique twist. It helps determine if the correct additive and amount had been included in each batch.

The TRACER™ additive is uniquely formulated for each scenario to ensure proper additive dosage. Once the product is complete, users can use an XRF machine, which is available handheld or on desktop, to detect dosage levels and ensure everything is correct.

The XRF machines can detect the uniquely formulated signals that are designed based on each customer's specific needs. TRACER™ can help prove ownership of products as well as dosage levels. Both scenarios are integral to business functions and compliance claims.


Can TRACER™ be used to track products?

While this technology has been used to track products throughout the supply chain, we have determined it is most beneficial in tracking the usage of correct material and dosage.

What is a XRF machine?

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) machines are x-ray instruments used for analysis. They come in handheld and desktop formats.

What makes it different

Our TRACER™ technology works seamlessly with our performance additive portfolio to ensure that each unique formulation is implemented at the right dosage.


What was the original TRACER™ technology intented for?

TRACER™ technology was originally designed for tracking, tracing and anti-counterfeit measures.

The specifics

TRACER™ has a low inclusion rate, is FDA approved and does not affect any other additives.


Is TRACER™ food contact approved?


What products can TRACER™ be incorporated into?
  • Short service life items: trash bags, shopper bags, fast food packaging
  • Agri-film applications: mulch, crop protection materials
  • Food packaging: rigid containers, clamshells, trays
  • Bottles and containers: shampoo, conditioner, detergent, pharmaceutical
  • Protective packaging: stretch film, shrink film, bubble wrap
  • Extruded films: printing, laminating, barrier, sealant



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