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SERVO™ is a powerful antifungal tool in the global fight against waste, destroying mold growth in products and extending their life span so consumers can use them longer. As soon as mold begins to grow products are tossed in the trash. But with SERVO™ Mold is contained and destroyed immediately so the product can be used for longer.

How it works

Why change something that’s working? Our SERVO™ technology attacks fungi and mold, similar to our GARD™ technology. When mold begins to grow on a product that is enabled with SERVO™, the powerful technology penetrates the cellular wall and destroys the cell from the inside out, killing its DNA and reproductive abilities

From there, the dead cell continues on to destroy the remaining mold and fungi growth. This domino effect attacks the growth head-on and prevents it from spreading.


What makes it different

This unique product is specifically designed for use in non-food products. Working to stop mold and fungi at their source, SERVO’s powerful technology ensures an extended life span for various products.


What's the difference between GARD™ and SERVO™?

While both serve to help end the waste crisis, SERVO™ on its own is not suitable for food applications. Whereas GARD™'s main power is extending the shelf life of food products.

The specifics

SERVO™ Technology works against all types of fungi and can delay mold growth from 10-35 days. It works on a migratory basis using the biocidal process. SERVO™ Is not food applicable and is useful for non-food applications.


Define the biocidal process.

The biocidal process is the destruction of a living organism.



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